thanksgiving made easier in france… finally!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving to all my American (and Canadian) friends!

This marks my 9th year of being in France for the big day.

Yep, you heard it right. I haven’t been in the US for Thanksgiving since 2005. I have been in France every Thanksgiving since then. Sometimes I celebrated the day (like last year), sometimes I have not. It depends on my level of motivation, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I’m usually more motivated than not.

And it’s hard not to be motivated to get cooking when it’s getting easier and easier to find the needed ingredients in France. And I’m not talking about ordering off special websites, or going to speciality shops. I’m talking about just popping into the supermarket. Continue reading



The past few weeks, I was debating whether or not I wanted to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. It’s actually my favorite meal of the year, because I just adore stuffing and sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, the week of the holiday was fairly hectic for me, and the invitations I received to friends’ events just did not fit in with our schedules. So I kept going back and forth over preparing my own feast, not sure if I would really have the motivation even if I bought all the ingredients necessary.

Cut to Thanksgiving day. After a long day (including a presentation in my law class), I felt really depressed that I wouldn’t be partaking in any Thanksgiving festivities. J surprised me with a very pretty orchid, but it didn’t do too much to lift my spirits. For some reason, missing Thanksgiving hits me more than missing Christmas at home. Probably because Christmas is still celebrated here. I ended up consoling myself with a PB&J sandwich for dinner and preparing a list of ingredients for a Thanksgiving feast. Continue reading