almost bilingue - fin

Celebrating handing in my paper

C’est la fin!

Don’t worry, not for this blog, but for the longest two years of my life aka the Masters from Hell.

A little over two weeks ago, I handed in my “mémoire de stage” (a research paper dealing with my internship), and then yesterday, I had my “soutenance de stage” (the defense of the paper). I am now FINISHED! Continue reading


la rentrée et puis… vacation?

Last Friday, we had our pré-rentrée meeting where we learned about what would be happening this year, signed up for classes, etc. The meeting was pretty boring in general and possibly more informative for the newbies. Yes, there were quite a few new faces. Of course, I can’t help but wonder “What were they thinking?!”.

We learned about the schedule for the entire year… 16 weeks of classes total, lots of vacations, no set exam period, 4 to 6 month internship (which we may or may not be able to start April 1st), “soutenance” in November, etc.

We got part of schedule which is pretty incomplete (but still, better than I expected). Many of our classes didn’t start the first week and some don’t even start until January! Unfortunately, there are some 8am classes (hello, 6:30am train), days with like only one hour of class (for now), and even some Saturday classes (one in November, another starts in January). This is not going to be pleasant. At all. Continue reading