french fail

There’s a reason this blog is called “Amost Bilingue”. I mean, I am bilingual. I can get by in any situation in French. I successfully completed a Masters in French. But as most bilingual folks will attest, there are some moments where you just don’t have the vocabulary, or you completely misunderstand something. I definitely had one of those moments recently.

I received a phone call from the secretary of the Masters from hell. To be fair, it was the morning, so I was not really at full speed anyway. You see, I skipped the graduation ceremony, because it just wasn’t worth the effort or the cost. (Case in point, they tried imitating an American ceremony but missed the mark by a long shot.) That is why the secretary was calling me.

She stated “Vous êtes major de promo MCI” and that she needed my address. I had never heard the phrase “major de promo”, so like any foreign language speaker, I made an educated guess from the context. I figured that as it was in relation to the ceremony, “major de promo” must simply mean that I had successfully finished the program. So I just said “Okay…” and gave her my address. And that was that.

Needless to say, I was wrong. Continue reading