a stroll around our new neighborhood

We’ve now been in our new place for over two months. We definitely don’t regret our impulsive decision to move at all. We love our new place and our new neighborhood.

Back when we first moved here, I promised you all pictures of the neighborhood. I took said pictures on a sunny day in December and then promptly forgot about them.

We live in Vieux Lille which usually gets the response of “Oh? Really!”, and then we follow up by saying “No, not where you’re thinking.”

See Vieux Lille is a very touristy (and sometimes ritzy) neighborhood of Lille. It’s where you can find the cathedral and luxury stores like Louis Vuitton. Apartments cost a fortune to rent or buy. That is not where we live. Continue reading


Photo post: Nouvel appart (All moved in)

Well, we’re all moved in to the new place. We still have to fix things to the wall like decorations, my jewelry rack, the spice rack, etc. (which are currently just lying around everywhere), but other than that, we’re all settled!

I’ve already posted pictures of the place empty, so as promised, here are pictures of the place after we moved in all of our things. Of course, today would be a dreary grey day. And ignore the fact that we’re still somewhat disorganized.

Once inside the main door of the apartment complex, here’s the view we’re greeted with.


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Photo post: Nouvel appart (empty)

Last night, we had the “état des lieux” for our new place and officially got our keys!

A little collage of the new place thanks to Google Awesome

A little collage of the new place thanks to Google Awesome

Today, we went to Ikea to pick up a few things for the new place (a rug, curtains, etc). We then went to our new place to do some cleaning – there were some cobwebs, and I wanted to clean the toilet and bathtub, because you can never be too sure.

J took some photos of the place. Continue reading