i’m still here!

I know, I know. It’s been awhile. For someone who wants to work in copywriting/content creation, I sure do have issues with keeping my own blog updated.

I think a lot of it comes from feeling that my life is really mundane at the moment.

I’m working a dead end part-time job that is severely underpaid for what is expected of me. That really doesn’t do much to boost the morale.

(Though it’s not all bad. Some of the kids are pretty sweet like the one who gave me a flower on her last day of class with me.)

flower almost bilingue

Everyday, I look up job ads, and with summer holidays around the corner, there are less and less ads each day. Plus, about 90% of the ads I read, I’m like “Yes, yes, perfect, yes” get to the bottom of the ad “Oh, wait, it’s an internship. Again.” You’d think companies would put that in the title, but nope.

On top of that, the school year is almost over, so that means the few hours I am working are basically over. Bye bye, small measly paycheck for the next three months unless I find something else.

So yes, my life basically consists of staring at my computer, teaching a few hours (though that’s about finished), and walking Elliot. Exciting stuff.

As I have a lot of free time on my hands, I went to the Prefecture last week to make an appointment to renew my titre de séjour (residency card). Though they suggest going 2 months before it expires, remembering how long I had to wait last year, I decided to go 4 months in advance. When is my appointment? In 5 months, and a month after my current card expires. Joy. But at least this year I won’t be sans papiers.

But things aren’t all bad. Next week, we are going to Budapest (with a short trip to Franche-Comté mixed in). We’ll be dropping Elliot off at J’s parents’ (I’m super nervous about leaving him for the first time ever) and then hopping a plane to Budapest.

It’s my first trip somewhere new in years, and J has never been there either. Needless to say, we’re excited.

And a friend is staying at our place in Lille while we’re gone, so no worries there either.

What shouldn’t we miss in Budapest?


9 thoughts on “i’m still here!

  1. I spent 24 hours in Budapest so didn’t see much but the castle is good, the houses of parliament, just wandering and the Hungarians make an effort with English though their language is incomprehensible to folks like us. I know what you mean by eeking out an existence. I’m about to lose my apartment and most of my belongings because my new CDD expects double the hours of teaching for the previous base salary and there don’t appear to be any supplementary hours available to help me make ends meet because the classes and schedules are all taken by now. I love France but the sentiment is not returned.


    • Glad to hear that I can get by on English! I downloaded an app on my phone to be able to translate at least menus.

      I shouldn’t complain to much about my job situation. While it would make things a lot easier for us, it’s definitely not the end of the world. I really hope things take a turn for the better for you!


  2. Having a job that isn’t particularly stimulating or fulfilling, and not enough hours at said job, is rough. I’m struggling with that with my current job–the kids I take care of more often than not plunk themselves down in front of the TV or their iPads so I spend a lot of time tuning out the TV and reading. It seems silly to complain about getting compensated to hardly work, but the boredom really can make it unbearable.

    Best of luck in your job search and enjoy Budapest! I’m heading there later this summer!


  3. We were in Budapest a few years ago. If you haven’t left yet, here are a few things we enjoyed: The national history museum and the synagogue were great. Don’t skip at least a peak into the different baths, the castle, Matthias Church and the surrounding neighborhood, views of the Parliament (at night, even) from across the river, and the markets like the one on Vámház ave. (Vámház körúti Vásárcsarnok). There’s a summer festival on Margaret Island, which might be slightly out of the way for you, but it’s usually very animated and worth checking out!

    Your job situation sounds tough. I’m sure you’re aware of this sort of trend, particularly where skilled candidates are concerned, but in case you’re not… My current French employer recruits almost exclusively from venues that don’t involve job listings: directly out of schools (for our ingénieurs), via skill-focused cabinets de recruitment (skip Kelly’s and such), by word-of-mouth, and by candidature spontanée. If there’s a field you’re interested in, you might have some luck contacting local companies in that sector whether they currently have ads out or not. Best of luck!



    • Thanks for all the suggestions for Budapest! And Margaret Island isn’t too far from our hotel, so I’ll definitely check it out. My aunt also recommended it to me.

      I’ll probably start being more proactive on the job search after the summer holidays. J was job searching this time last year and recruitment was basically at a standstill with one important person after another being out of the office. I think I’m going to start contacting different companies come September. Thanks for the suggestions!

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