officially have my first titre de séjour as a conjointe

It’s here! My titre de séjour vie privée et familiale (spousal residency card) is in my possession.


It took less than two months including holidays since my appointment for it to be ready! Imagine my surprise! I didn’t know the Prefecture could be so efficient!

Last week, I was filling out a form (more on that later) that required my titre de séjour information. I was stressing over that fact. After a call to verify, I learned that I could submit said form with just my récépissé and then send in a copy of my titre de séjour once it arrived to complete my file. The afternoon after submitting the file, I received notice that my actual card was ready. Because of course.

The only thing that bugs me is that my card is valid October 2014 to October 2015. They gave me the right to work retroactively after refusing to give me anything from the time my old card expired until my appointment. Yeah… thanks for that.

I know why they probably did that (because what if we had CAF payments or the like hinging on that fact?), but still, it bugs me. It means basically 4 months of my year card are already over. And I sat around unable to do nothing for months. Last year, they gave me a card valid from when I handed in my paperwork (October) and not when my old card expired (August).

Le sigh.

Next up in the world of French admin, attempting to exchange my driver license.


9 thoughts on “officially have my first titre de séjour as a conjointe

    • I’ll have one year cards until 3 years of marriage. Then, I can have the 10 year card. I have the right to do whatever work I want – salary, self employed, etc. I have the same work rights as a French person.


  1. Do you have to pay timbres each year the card is renewed? And take the medical exam each time? I just got married and now live in France and I must say the paper work is daunting!

    Shayna (


    • Hi Shayna,

      Yes, you have to pay for the timbres each year. It was 106€ for the renewal (prices seem to always change though). The medical visit is only the first year. After 3 years of marriage, you can apply for a card that is good for 10 years, and after 4, you can apply for nationality if you choose.


  2. So strange that they retroactively dated your card! I wonder if they changed the rules about the date or if the employees messed up.

    Anyway, congratulations!


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