a stroll around our new neighborhood

We’ve now been in our new place for over two months. We definitely don’t regret our impulsive decision to move at all. We love our new place and our new neighborhood.

Back when we first moved here, I promised you all pictures of the neighborhood. I took said pictures on a sunny day in December and then promptly forgot about them.

We live in Vieux Lille which usually gets the response of “Oh? Really!”, and then we follow up by saying “No, not where you’re thinking.”

See Vieux Lille is a very touristy (and sometimes ritzy) neighborhood of Lille. It’s where you can find the cathedral and luxury stores like Louis Vuitton. Apartments cost a fortune to rent or buy. That is not where we live.

We live in far Vieux Lille. And it’s not old at all (vieux means “old” in French). Our residence was built in 2004. Most of the residences were probably built around the same time. In fact, it’s mostly residential, filled with families, twenty and thirty-somethings, and some students. It’s nice and calm which is just the change we were looking for after living in Fives.

Basically, you walk past the tourist area and keep on walking. We’re not too far from the Esplanade (for those who know Lille) and right near a military base.

We do get some lost tourists in the area as we’re about a 5 minute walk from Charles de Gaulle’s birth house (which I didn’t think to take a picture of).

Photos of our corner of Vieux Lille

Our little area is actually known as Les Quais du Vieux Lille.

almostbilingue vieux lille


Near our building

almostbilingue vieuxlille

almostbilingue vieux lille


A lovely pedestrian-only street where we always walk Elliot.

almostbilingue vieux lille

almostbilingue vieux lille

almostbilingue vieux lille


Elliot stopping to actually pose for the camera during our stroll.

almostbilingue vieux lille elliot


Street with several businesses (boulangerie, small supermarket, pizzeria, Chinese take-out, etc.)

almostbilingue vieux lille


Our boulangerie (which we really love!)

almostbilingue vieux lille

almostbilingue vieux lille


A few more pictures of the neighborhood

almostbilingue vieux lille

almostbilingue vieux lille


Heading towards the center of Lille

almostbilingue vieux lille


What do you think? Would you want to live in this neighborhood?



13 thoughts on “a stroll around our new neighborhood

  1. Love it! And if you’re right by the birth house of CDG then you’re also right by Ch’ti Bello pizza, which I adore, so I would totally live there! Makes me want to move back to Lille.


    • In the photos, what looks to be a canal is completely empty. We’re not sure what that is actually used for. There is a canal (or something) that runs behind us though, and if you go a little bit further, there’s the river.


    • No idea! We’ve never seen them with water. Friends who used to live in the neighborhood say the same thing! One theory is that they’re for excess water in the case of a storm. We’re so close to the river that flooding is a real possibility!


  2. Are you anywhere near this restaurant (Estaminet ‘T Rijsel 25, rue de Gand – 59800 Lille) I think it is one we loved when we went to Lille several years ago, & where we first tasted beer with Picon. Your new neighbourhood looks good.


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