new year’s eve / salsa posada

It’s been awhile since my last post. For obvious reasons, I didn’t feel right posting anything last week with everything that was happening in Paris.

So now, it’s finally about time that I tell you about our New Year’s Eve.

We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, but I knew what I did not want to do. Eat a ridiculously big meal where the main course isn’t until after midnight. I also kind of wanted to go out somewhere.

Even though everyone we knew was off somewhere, we decided to come back to Lille rather than stay in Franche-Comté where we spent Christmas.

I happened to see the New Year’s Eve menu for a Mexican restaurant in Vieux Lille, Salsa Posada, we’ve been wanting to try. It was super reasonably priced (we could both eat for less than the price of one for NYE in a French restaurant), and we liked the options available, so we made reservations.

We got all dolled up and made our way out.

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada


The restaurant said we could order whatever we wanted off the menu, but we both chose the set menu for the evening as a little treat.

Margaritas to start

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada margaritas


My starter – Chile con queso

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada starter


J’s starter – Picadas de chorizo

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada starter


Main dish – fajitas (for me) and pollo con queso (for J)

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada fajitas



Dessert – churros (There was also a cheese course that I didn’t photograph.)

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada churros


Coffee with whisky

almostbilingue nye2014 salsa posada coffee


The food was good but what we weren’t aware of is that if you want spicy (even a little), you need to tell them while ordering. I asked for Tabasco or other hot sauce when they brought my dish, and the server pointed to a red sauce and explained to me that the (two tiny pieces of) jalapeños were spicy. The sauce was basically tomato sauce. Even J said it wasn’t spicy.

We commented on that fact while paying, and we were told the chef is Mexican and can do spicy, he just has to know. The woman said I was in the small percentage of patrons who like spicy. We’ll have to go back again to try a spicier version of the dishes.

After eating, we spent about an hour checking out all the bars we liked only to find they were all closed. No signs on the door informing us of that (we passed many of them in the afternoon). We didn’t head to the student area to see what was open, because that is definitely not what we wanted.

Restaurants were all open, but bars (even ones we never go to) were basically all closed or hosting private parties. Clubs were open, but I hate clubs. So yep, French New Year’s really does revolve around eating a big meal.

The lesson of this folks is do not plan to hit a bar in Lille on NYE. This is how we found ourselves back at home, putting a bottle of cremant du Jura to chill, and then ringing in 2015 with our dog Elliot.

Super Elliot to the rescue! (Wearing the mask from the NYE kit we got at restaurant)

almostbilingue nye2014 elliot



almostbilingue nye2014 cremant du Jura


Happy 2015 from the three of us!

almostbilingue nye2014



Salsa Posada
9 rue Saint André
59000 Lille


3 thoughts on “new year’s eve / salsa posada

  1. It sounds like the perfect NYE for me – a delicious meal (though sadly not spicy!) followed by sparkling wine with those you are closest to. Including Eliot, who looks smokin’ in that mask!


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