no longer “sans papiers”!

After waiting almost 5 months for my appointment at the Prefecture to change my status from student to spouse (and two months after my student residency card expired), I finally have something that shows I’m legally allowed to be here (and leave France and come back).

From speaking with people we know and hearing their recent horror stories, we took every single document we could think of that we had in our possession.

The woman we met with was super nice and welcoming. She also seemed to be very efficient. We ended up leaving with more papers on us than what we gave to her, but I prefer to be better safe than sorry. Some of the things on the list of required documents she didn’t even need as I was already in their system.

One new thing this year, they took my fingerprints! Out of all my visas and residency cards, they’ve only taken my fingerprints once and that was at the Consulate in Chicago for my student visa.

We walked out of there with my récépissé (receipt of applying for my residency card) in hand, and it gives me the right to work full-time! I should be getting the actual card in a few months.


In the mean time, bring on the job search! Right at the Christmas holidays. When France basically shuts down. Yep.


13 thoughts on “no longer “sans papiers”!

  1. Congratulations! Hopefully the Christmas break gives you a chance to scour through some opportunities and then hit them when they’re back at work refreshed 🙂


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