unplanned trip to franche-comté

Elliot sleeping

Elliot sleeping on the car ride

I’ve been a little quiet on here, and that’s because last week, we made an unplanned trip to J’s home town in France-Comté. We went for a family member’s funeral, but I don’t feel that it’s my place to talk about that here.

While the trip was made on a sad note, it wasn’t without happiness. While the family was saying goodbye to one member, they were welcoming another. J’s sister gave birth to her second son on Sunday November 16.

So while we were there, we were able to meet our new nephew who was only a few days old at the time. He’s such a cutie, and I like to think that he likes the sound of English. It’s also so strange to think that I have nephews now. I didn’t really think I’d ever be an aunt, and now, I am!

We also used our time there to catch up with some family (and eat far too much – hello, raclette!). 

Elliot and his chinchilla friend

Elliot and his chinchilla friend

The day before we left, Montbeliard’s Christmas market started, so we decided to stroll around it some. I adore Christmas markets so much, and sadly, Lille’s isn’t too nice, so I jump at the chance to visit others. Plus, we’ve visited Montbeliard’s that last two years, and I just love it.


I was too busy drinking mulled wine and snacking on a tartine covered in melted Morbier cheese to snap any pictures (except of my tartine of course). But you can see some pictures taken by the local newspaper here.

And no trip to Franche-Comté is complete without stocking up on delicious local cheeses. We didn’t waste any time in using the Mont d’Or cheese we bought for a Mont d’Or chaud dinner. (Easy) Recipe following in the next few days.

mont d'or chaud

Our trip down there takes us through Luxembourg, and one of the rest stops is an expat heaven – Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King – two of which don’t exist anywhere near me (though Burger King is making a slow return in France).


I couldn’t help myself and had to buy some onion rings. It had been years since I’ve eaten them.



What sort of fastfood do you miss from another country?


10 thoughts on “unplanned trip to franche-comté

  1. Sorry it was for a sad reason, but that’s great you got to be there to see your new nephew. And that cheese looks super yummy. I never liked Burger King, but the boyf goes to that one sometimes. I miss mince (ground beef) and cheese pies from home and good fish and chips (more the fish than the chips obviously, since they have great fries here of course). And I used to like Wendy’s, other than when I worked there, but wouldn’t sa I “missed” it.


    • I like Burger King more than McDonald’s (which I HATE), but the only thing really worth it is the onion rings.

      I’ve never tried a mince and cheese pie, but it sounds delicious!


    • So yummy! The most annoying thing about Burger King in Europe is that you have to choose between 6 or 9 onion rings. No sizes like in the US. I’d like to see the look on someone’s face if they were handed a thing of 6 onion rings at a US Burger King.


  2. My first thought was “cheese land!” I don’t know anything else about the region.

    I heard BK was back in France. Never tried it there. I think if I have to go to a fast food in France, I’d go to Quick (even though service is everything but quick…). I miss Paul in Canada, their viennoiseries are quite good (although not as good as in independant bakeries). Or La mie câline.


    • It is the land of cheese! Though that pretty much sums up France in general.

      They opened a BK in Paris, and there are always huge lines apparently – like over an hour wait! One is opening in Lille next year, but I can’t see myself going there very often.

      I love La mie caline! I’m so so sad that there isn’t one in Lille.


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