Photo post: Nouvel appart (All moved in)

Well, we’re all moved in to the new place. We still have to fix things to the wall like decorations, my jewelry rack, the spice rack, etc. (which are currently just lying around everywhere), but other than that, we’re all settled!

I’ve already posted pictures of the place empty, so as promised, here are pictures of the place after we moved in all of our things. Of course, today would be a dreary grey day. And ignore the fact that we’re still somewhat disorganized.

Once inside the main door of the apartment complex, here’s the view we’re greeted with.


The entry/hallway in our apartment




The living room





Elliot wanted me to take a picture of him to share.



The kitchen




The bathroom



The bedroom (ignore the box of clothes to donate)




I didn’t take a picture of the toilet, because, well, we all know what that looks like.

We’re really liking are new neighborhood. I’ll take some pictures of it to share soon (preferably on a sunny day).


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