Renting an apartment in France

Last time, I told you about our new apartment. Now, I’ll tell you a bit about what the requirements for renting in France are.

I know, I know. This has been done plenty of times before, but I thought I’d share with you just in case. There were also some changes this summer to agency fees, so I wanted to share that with you as well in case an agency is trying to make you pay more than is allowed by law.

almost bilingue - renting an apartment in france

You can rent either directly though an owner (look at ads on sites such as or through an agency (which of course has fees associated with it). I’ve done a combination of both in my time here in France, and we looked at both options when searching for our new place, but we fell in love with a place through an agency. The owners don’t live anywhere around here, so it makes sense why they’d offer the place through an agency. Continue reading


Nouvel appart

As many of you know, we’ve been having many problems where we live in Lille Fives and impulsively gave notice to break our lease.

Originally, we were going to wait to move until we could afford a two bedroom place, but we just couldn’t take it here anymore, so we decided to find an apartment similar to what we have now but in a better neighborhood.

We currently live in a one bedroom that is about 46m2 (about 495 ft2) with a balcony and a private garage. So ideally, we wanted something about the same size, at least a parking space, and a balcony or terrace would be a huge plus.

One criteria that turned out to be troublesome was the fact that we wanted an unequipped kitchen. Surprisingly, most places were already equipped (usually with sad burners and a tiny fridge). Since we just bought a brand new stove in January and have a huge fridge, we didn’t want to give them up.

We threw ourselves head on into the search, spending countless hours on Leboncoin (think Craig’s List for those who don’t know this site) and other sites, making phone calls, visiting agencies, and finally, visiting places. Continue reading


almost bilingue - fin

Celebrating handing in my paper

C’est la fin!

Don’t worry, not for this blog, but for the longest two years of my life aka the Masters from Hell.

A little over two weeks ago, I handed in my “mémoire de stage” (a research paper dealing with my internship), and then yesterday, I had my “soutenance de stage” (the defense of the paper). I am now FINISHED! Continue reading