Time for some changements

We made a bit of an impulsive decision this weekend and carried through with it on Monday. We’ve been casually looking at apartments for rent for awhile now as we HATE our neighborhood. I mean dealers, squatters, public urination, drunken fights, the police not responding to calls, and most recently, houses collapsing, that’s not exactly a place you want to be living.

But we didn’t want to move unless we could find a two bedroom apartment as we’d prefer to be keeping it for the long term and would like to have an office/extra room. However, finding this in our budget in a nice neighborhood is fairly difficult. Until I’m working (thank you, Prefecture for making me wait), we only have one real salary.

This weekend we decide to hell with that, let’s just give notice and look for a similar one bedroom in a nicer neighborhood (and maybe even more central) – something that’s not hard to come by at all. It’ll be fine for a few years (and we’ll be happier). We’ll take that time to save up to buy or just bide our time until we can afford to rent a super awesome larger apartment (depending on our long term goals and the housing market).

Time for some changements

We’ll miss these sorts of festivities but not the area!

We followed through and sent off our notice on Monday. Now, we have less than three months to find a place and move. Technically, we have exactly three months, but ideally we’d like to move near the end of November/early December at the latest. We need concrete proof of our address that is deemed acceptable by the Prefecture before my appointment – they’re getting pickier.

And go!


13 thoughts on “Time for some changements

  1. I’m late, but good luck with the apartment search!

    Are you only looking in Lille or are you branching out to the suburbs? A family I tutored for lived in Hellemmes-Lille just a block off the main road and it seemed pretty nice. It’s only one métro stop from Fives though and I don’t know if the area has changed since then.


    • Where we live in Fives has gone down hill in the last year or so. It used to be really nice (probably because a bunch of gendarmes and police used to live in the building). As we don’t know where I’ll find a job, we want to keep it pretty central. We don’t care too much for Hellemmes at the moment but maybe down the line when we’re looking to buy it could be a good option.


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