notre petit dog – happy one year!

A year ago today, we went to the LPA (the refuge) in Lille to look for a dog to adopt. My mom has adopted several dogs from shelters or rescues, so for me, buying a dog isn’t an option. I’d much rather give a home to a dog who needs one. Plus, we didn’t want a puppy. That was one of the only criteria that we had. We also wanted a dog that would be happy in an apartment. It would be unfair to keep a high energy dog inside such a small space.

Our visit was fairly heartbreaking as there were just so many dogs there, and the poor guys only get a short break from their enclosures when volunteers walk them. I don’t know if I could ever volunteer in a shelter. I’m sure I’d want to bring home basically every single dog they have.

We met a few dogs, but they didn’t seem to be good fits for an apartment. Then, a volunteer introduced us to Elliot a quiet, timid, and calm one and a half year old dog. We walked him around a bit, and he immediately took to us. We knew we couldn’t put him back into his enclosure (with two other dogs), and we adopted him straightaway.

 notre petit dog - first day

Elliot on his very first day with us

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more fun with french administration

Now that we’re married, I qualify for a “vie privée et familiale” residency card – the French equivalent of a green card for spouses . As my student residency card is up in October, we decided to head to the Prefecture to ask for an appointment straight away (i.e. less than a week after the wedding).

more fun with french admin - titredesejour

The French Prefecture is always a fun fun place to go (note the sarcasm), but at least this time, J was accompanying me so I wouldn’t have to wait alone. After handing over document after document (and this was just to make an appointment!) and her criticizing our proof of address even though I’ve always used said document (and always less than 3 months old of course!), she finally agreed to let us make an appointment.

She gave us the long list of documents we need to provide (Including a photocopy of each page in my passport! I just renewed it last week, so it is completely empty) and then turned to her computer. She was like the first available appointment is the 10… I thought to myself “October, not so bad”, December. What?! Nothing available until December?! Continue reading

mariage franco-américain

About a month ago, I posted about wedding prep. Well, the big day has come and gone! It definitely seems to have just flown by. I’m going to try not to ramble on too much here so as not to bore you to death.

My mom (along with an aunt and an uncle) arrived in France a few days before the wedding, and we spent a few days exploring the area with her as it was her first time in France. More on those adventures another time.

We also had some friends that made the trip down including two very dear friends that I haven’t seen in about three years.

First off, I want to say that we couldn’t have done this without the help of J’s parents. They practically organized everything which was such a blessing as we’re not anywhere near the town.

Our other goal was to keep everything simple. We did a lot of the decorations ourselves and with the help of friends and family. I didn’t see myself in a fancy white dress (actually, one of the criteria for the dress was that I could use the restroom by myself). I chose a simple off-white dress from Modcloth. As it was super hot, not having a big dress was definitely a good thing even though I still felt like I was melting most of the day and night. Continue reading