photo post : wedding prep

With just a month left to go, we are in full on wedding prep mode. Most things are happening down where J’s parents live, so we only have a few things here with us. I thought I’d share some photos with you of the decorations.

We are going to get crafty and decorate old transparent wine bottles with silver ribbon and mint colored tape for the center pieces. We originally were going to use the coral color as well, but that was literally the only thing we found in coral. We had fun drinking wine rounding up enough bottles.

Wedding decorations - Wine bottles


Mint colored hearts to sprinkle on the tables.

Wedding decorations - Mint hearts


Our guestbook known as the Livre d’Or in French.

Wedding decorations - Guest book


Our cake topper that we ordered off of Etsy. We will be having an American style cake as I find the French pièce montée ugly and I don’t like “nougatine”. This will be the baker’s first attempt at an American style cake, so this should be interesting. I’m not scared as this guy’s stuff is amazing!

Wedding decorations - Cake topper


My mint colored heels

Wedding shoes

Matching flats for when my feet hurt (that I found super cheap at New Look)… which they will after about 10 minutes, because after wearing them for a bit every Sunday morning since the end of March, I still can’t stand the heels.

Wedding shoes


The hair comb that I also ordered off of Etsy.

Wedding hair comb


J also got a mint colored bow tie off of Etsy. And because we are crazy, we ordered Elliot a mint collar with a bow tie on it. He’s going to look super cute in the photos. That one is currently sitting at my mom’s in the US as it was so much cheaper to have it sent to her.

In case you haven’t guessed it, our colors are mint (clearly) and silver. We wanted mint and coral, but apparently, both of these colors have yet to arrive in France when it comes to decorations. Luckily, we didn’t have to give up the dream completely as we have found some stuff in mint.


13 thoughts on “photo post : wedding prep

  1. One month until the big day now!

    My wedding colour was lavender and white. It wasn’t too hard to find those colours.

    I felt that my wedding day came and went really quickly. I do regret not picking a better dessert for our reception meal. The rest of the day went without any problems. My three fears did not happen: wake up with a pimple, wake up sick or wake up to a rainy day.

    I’ll be thinking of you on the 19th!


    • Lavender and white must have made for a beautiful wedding! I had never thought much about the colors until his mother asked. So what did I do? I turned to Google… and then fell in love with the idea of a mint and coral wedding. Luckily, since I hadn’t been dreaming about those colors forever, I wasn’t too too sad that we had to change.

      We’re worried about rain! There’s no pretty place indoors where we can do photos. Fingers crossed for sun at least during photo time.



  2. How exciting! Too bad the heels aren’t comfier because they are super cute. I’ll be in flats for my weddings of course because of my crap feet. Everything looks very pretty and I hope we’ll get to see some pictures!


    • Thanks! And I stumbled on both pairs by complete accident. I wasn’t even looking for mint colored shoes when I bought the mint heels! I actually ordered them online before we were even engaged.


  3. Love the shoes! Such a pretty colour! I’m also super out of practice with heels since I moved here. I bought like three pairs for my new job, we’ll see how long that lasts haha


    • Thanks! My idea of heels is a slight heel on a pair of boots. Other than that, it’s flats and flat sandals for me. Luckily, there will be no cobblestones where we’ll be for the wedding! Or else I’d be adding a wadding day trip to the hospital for sure!


  4. Good idea to have matching flats! I was okay through weeks of practice walking/dancing, so I thought I’d be good . . . but weddings last sooooo long here, lol. So I took them off while eating, and put them back on for dancing!

    The colors are super cute, and I totally get not being able to find what you want here. On one hand, less crazy wedding stuff means less crazy prices, but on the other, choices can be so limited. Thank goodness for Etsy!!


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