photo post : wedding prep

With just a month left to go, we are in full on wedding prep mode. Most things are happening down where J’s parents live, so we only have a few things here with us. I thought I’d share some photos with you of the decorations.

We are going to get crafty and decorate old transparent wine bottles with silver ribbon and mint colored tape for the center pieces. We originally were going to use the coral color as well, but that was literally the only thing we found in coral. We had fun drinking wine rounding up enough bottles.

Wedding decorations - Wine bottles


Mint colored hearts to sprinkle on the tables.

Wedding decorations - Mint hearts


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things I love about France

I was pretty negative about France in my last post, so to turn things around, I wanted to do a post about things I love about (my part of) France. I say (my part of) France, because some things are going to depend on where you’re at in France.

1. Cheese

I love French cheese! All of it! The stinkier, the better. I will probably try just about any cheese you put in front of me (well, unless there are insects in it). From Comte to Maroilles to Camembert to Roquefort, I love it. I would be so so sad if I ever had to stop eating it. Or moved back to the US.

2. Public Transportation

Okay, this can also be an annoyance when there’s a strike, or a problem technic, or when I miss the last metro of the night, but in general, I love not being dependent on a car… especially since I don’t have access to a car I can drive. Yes, I only know how to drive an automatic. Continue reading

living the dream?

Recently, both Eyelean and Den Nation wrote posts about what France is really like once you take off the rose colored glasses. Their posts have inspired me to write one of my own.

I often get the question “Which do you like more, France or the United States?” and no one is ever happy with the answer. I say I like things about both and dislike things about both. I mean, there are days where France pisses me off so much that I think moving back to the US would be the best option. Other days, I can’t imagine ever leaving. It’s all about the circumstances, isn’t it?

Many Americans I know (even some that have lived in France!) have this glorified version of France in their minds, and often tell me that they are jealous of my life and that I’m living the dream. Okay, don’t get me wrong, I do have a good life. I’m happy. I’m with a great guy, have the cutest dog, and have had some great experiences. But living the dream? Continue reading