publication des bans

To get married in France, wedding bans have to be published for at least 10 days. They’re hung up at the town hall in the town where you will be married and the town where you live.

In France, you can only get married in the town where you have lived for at least a month or the town where yours or your fiancé’s parents live. For us, this meant we could get married in Lille or in Bourguignon. We chose Bourguignon as most of J’s family lives around there, so it was simpler logistics wise.

Bans of marriage

Our bans of marriage (a little edited for privacy reasons)

Why the bans?

Bans (or banns) of marriage are published so that someone can raise any canonical or civil legal impediment to the marriage such as one of us already being married or if someone realizes they’re related to both of us, etc. As only civil ceremonies are valid by law in France, publishing the bans is still a required step for every marriage. Even if we had decided to be married in the US, to be recognized in France, the bans would have still had to have been published!

Our bans were published May 13, so as of Friday May 23, we could officially get married! However, we will be waiting a bit more. The date is set for July 19. Can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “publication des bans

  1. We had the option of getting married in our town just outside of Bordeaux, my in-laws’ town just outside of Grenoble and in the outskirts of Paris as my in-laws own a studio there. We also chose to get married where most of the family was living as it wasn’t really fair to ask the elderly relatives to travel to Bordeaux and Paris was out of the question as none of my husband’s family actually lived there (and neither did we). I was more drawn to Bordeaux and the Paris town as the mairies were really pretty, but in the end the Grenoble town mairie turned out to be great as we had a view of the mountains.

    It was strange yet exciting to see our names on the bulletin outside of the mairie. Your wedding date is two days after mine. Let’s hope I remember our anniversary this year because last year both of us forgot!


    • The mairie in Lille is really pretty. The one in Bourguignon, not so much. To make up for that, we’re going to find a pretty place to take some pictures before the ceremony! The other problem is that the room is so small, there won’t be enough places to sit, because J has a super large family and a lot of the people are coming!

      I’ll have to try to wish you a happy anniversary then! Though we’ll also be in full on last minute preparations! Time is going to fly by.


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