the masters program not to do in france continued

I’m sure you all remember my (slightly whiny) post about my Masters program and how much I hate it.

It never got any better. If anything, it got worse. At the end, we had classes six days a week (yep, even Saturday mornings) and several group projects all due at the same time.

Exam MCI

We also got dropped a massive project that they were supposed to tell us about in October at our meeting before classes started but somehow forgot to. It wasn’t until we asked about it near the end of December after getting a strange email that they were like “Oh, yeah…”. The project involved finding something to do for a company, doing said project, and then handing in a lovely paper on it. Lucky, an entrepreneur acquaintance saved the day! The project is now over and done with and officially handed in as of last week!

We also received our grades last week. I rocked the year! Now, just need to wait on the grade for that group paper, finish my internship, hand in a thesis on that, and defend the thesis, and I will be done with the Masters from hell. Phew!

A short post, I know. But I just wanted to update you on that chapter before moving on to better things.


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