je suis vivante!

I’m alive! I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth!

I know when I started this blog I pledged to actually keep up with it, and well, I seemed to have failed. But today, I promised myself that I would start back up again and am filled with lots and lots of motivation! I even made a list of potential blog posts!

I will be back with some witty posts, more in-depth posts soon, but I just wanted to do a short “I’m back” post first.

A few minor (okay, major) updates to catch you up.

  • The Masters from hell is still the Masters from hell, but I’m done with the class portion (hallelujah!) and on to the internship portion (yay!). I don’t even have to step foot on campus until October or November!
  • I’m doing my internship at a startup company in Lille. I’m working mostly on the Community Management side of things. Like most bloggers, I’ll probably keep my lips more closely sealed when it comes to my professional life.
  • My boyfriend J and I are getting married! This summer! As in this July! Expect plenty more info on that in the next few months!
  • My mom (and aunt and uncle) is coming to France for the first time ever for said occasion. I’m super excited.

And in case you’re wondering, our dog Elliot is doing well. After 5 months of working with him, he finally learned to sit and give his paw (he’d usually get too excited and pee a little, so it took some work). And because he’s my little guy, he only understands the commands in English.



4 thoughts on “je suis vivante!

  1. So glad you’re back! I didn’t respond to your tweet because I too was guilty for not updating my blog as I have been super busy. I’m glad we’re back at it. Soooooo how is it all going? July is approaching. Do you have your dress yet?


    • It feels good to be back! And I’ve seen how busy you’ve been! A second wedding and all! I’m about to go read your post after my replies!

      I have a dress! A simple vintage style dress from Modcloth. I love it!


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