publication des bans

To get married in France, wedding bans have to be published for at least 10 days. They’re hung up at the town hall in the town where you will be married and the town where you live.

In France, you can only get married in the town where you have lived for at least a month or the town where yours or your fiancé’s parents live. For us, this meant we could get married in Lille or in Bourguignon. We chose Bourguignon as most of J’s family lives around there, so it was simpler logistics wise.

Bans of marriage

Our bans of marriage (a little edited for privacy reasons)

Why the bans?

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the masters program not to do in france continued

I’m sure you all remember my (slightly whiny) post about my Masters program and how much I hate it.

It never got any better. If anything, it got worse. At the end, we had classes six days a week (yep, even Saturday mornings) and several group projects all due at the same time.

Exam MCI

We also got dropped a massive project that they were supposed to tell us about in October at our meeting before classes started but somehow forgot to. It wasn’t until we asked about it near the end of December after getting a strange email that they were like “Oh, yeah…”. The project involved finding something to do for a company, doing said project, and then handing in a lovely paper on it. Lucky, an entrepreneur acquaintance saved the day! The project is now over and done with and officially handed in as of last week! Continue reading

audition at the mairie

A few weeks ago, we were down in Franche-Comte (where we will have our wedding). As J’s mother works at the school (which happens to be in the same building as the town hall – gotta love small town France!), she was able to get us the “dossier de mariage”, a wedding date already on the books (normally you need to hand in said dossier for the date), and an appointment for our “audition”.

Dossier de mariage

Dossier de mariage that the town hall gave us

Wait. Audition. What the hell is that? Even if you were married in France, you might not have ever heard of it unless you were married fairly recently. It’s a rather new development. It’s basically an interview that you do with someone at the town hall. It’s a way to sort of feel out if it’s a “mariage blanc” (green card marriage) or to be sure both parties want the marriage. It’s not just for foreigners (as the woman assured us several times), but for all couples getting married in France. Not having an audition can be grounds for the marriage to be canceled by the Prefecture. Continue reading

je suis vivante!

I’m alive! I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth!

I know when I started this blog I pledged to actually keep up with it, and well, I seemed to have failed. But today, I promised myself that I would start back up again and am filled with lots and lots of motivation! I even made a list of potential blog posts!

I will be back with some witty posts, more in-depth posts soon, but I just wanted to do a short “I’m back” post first.

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