how french administration almost stole christmas

Ever since finally turning in my titre de sejour (residency permit) paperwork, I’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of the glorious card, especially as my récépissé (temporary card) was nearing its end.

Finally, I received the paper in the mail with my appointment (since when did we even need an appointment?) to go in and get it. I was so thrilled until I read the paper. I was summoned to come in December 26 (and only this date) between 2 and 3pm. Yep, apparently, they are busy at work the day after Christmas. For a second, I almost forgot I was in France.

Cue a mad rush of looking up train tickets and debating what to do. We had plans to be down in Franche-Comté from this coming Friday until after the New Year. Train tickets were outrageous for me to come back up and go back down just for a day, so we were facing driving home late Christmas day or early the following day.

We decided to chance our luck with contacting the Sous-Préfecture which is strictly by email. You can imagine our surprise when our plea to save our Christmas plans was responded to in under 5 minutes (French and efficiency don’t normally go hand and hand) saying that I could come in and Tuesday or Thursday between 2 and 3pm before leaving for the holidays.

I went this past Tuesday with the Russian girl in my class who actually had her appointment that day. I now have in my possession my titre de sejour which is valid until mid-October. It won’t quite get me to the end of my program, but it’s valid longer than I was expecting. Now, we can leave for our holidays without worrying about this damn card. Phew.

Thank you, Sous-Préfecture for not stealing our holidays.


11 thoughts on “how french administration almost stole christmas

  1. I am so surprised at how quickly they got back to you and how accommodating they’re being… it’s a Christmas miracle! 🙂


    • I know! I was definitely not expecting such a quick and pleasant response! They also wished us Happy Holidays (as we did to them as well), so it is definitely a Christmas miracle!


  2. The Poitiers prefecture is also really nice about rescheduling those appointments. It’s certainly a surprise since we’re so used to French administrative services being so obtuse.


    • I know! But I guess since this appointment just involved handing over your stamps, recepisse, old CDS, and signing a paper – all of which takes 30 seconds if you’re organized, they’re much more willing to reschedule!


    • Yep. Back to hating my program lots and lots. Though perhaps I will take a break for the holidays… well, not a full break as I have a lot of work!

      Merry Christmas to you as well!!!


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