say fromage!

Over the long holiday weekend, we drove down to J’s parents’ place in Franche-Comté. Because of the long drive (the train is too expensive for the three of us), we only had two full days there, but they were jam-packed!

Like many regions of France, Franche-Comté is home to many delicious cheeses including Comté. One of my favorite things about France is all the wonderful cheese, so of course, I’m always thrilled for these trips. Okay, it’s also really nice to see J’s family and friends, but we also always come back home with pounds of yummy cheese.

As the weather is turning cold, it’s the perfect time for fondu and Mont d’Or chaud (like a fondu but with just this one specific cheese and baked with wine in the oven), so we returned well stocked. We now have a fridge filled with different types of Comté (the older, the better in my opinion), Mont d’Or, cancoillotte, etc. I’m excited! Seriously, the slabs of Comté we have in the fridge are bigger than Elliot.


Some of the cheese we brought back.

Cheese was definitely not absent from our diets over the weekend. Not only was it always readily available after the meal, but we also ate tartiflette (a potato dish with Reblochon cheese), pizza, and had a raclette. A raclette is where you melt cheese with an apparatus specifically for this meal and then pour said cheese over potatoes and charcuterie. Definitely not light meals to say the least.

Elliot also had a good weekend though he wasn’t allowed to have any cheese. He had fun running around the grassy yard and trying to make friends with Chat (J’s sister’s cat) who was having none of that.

Anyone do anything fun over the long weekend? What are you favorite French cheeses?


12 thoughts on “say fromage!

  1. My favourites are Saint-Félicien and Cantal Entre-deux. I also quite like Brillat-savarin.

    I am also a fan of Franche-Comté! It’s one of my favourite regions in France. I still regret missing out on living there…

    The only problem with living in Franche-Comté is that I would miss out on all the seafood available here in Bordeaux. Franche-Compté = cheese overload.


    • I really love Saint-Félicien! I don’t think I’ve tried the Cantal yet. Will have to look for it!

      Whenever I come back from Franche-Comté, I feel like I need a detox from all the heavy food! Probably a good thing I don’t live there. Not the the food is any lighter in the North.


  2. Woo hoo ! 3 day weekend! Party time! Thanks for reminding me. ; )

    My favorites are Saint-Nectaire, Tomme, herbed chervre, and Selles-sur-Cher. I am running to the Friday market to pick some up now. : )

    I wish you a lovely cheese-filled week-end, my dear! xo from Paris.


    • Three day weekends are the best! Especially when the day we get off is one of my busiest or earliest days!

      Mmmm! Those are good cheeses! I don’t think I’ve tried Selles-sur-Cher yet. I’ll have to fix that!


  3. Yum! I had tartiflette at the work canteen yesterday, they actually do pretty good food for a canteen. Amongst others, I like Morbier, Sainte Maure (most chèvre really), and Port Salut (even though that’s not a real AOC…)


    • I think it must be difficult to really screw up a cheese and potato dish. So so good no matter where I’ve had it! I really like those cheeses as well! Morbier is from Franche-Comté, but we totally forget to get some! Will have to add it to the list for our Christmas trip.


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