say fromage take deux!

I swore I would keep up with this blog a lot better than my old one, but here I am, updating after a 3 week absence. Oops. I did not mean to let it go that long.  I wish I could say that it’s my classes that are taking up all of my free time, but other than the (sometimes inconvenient) commute, that’s really not true. It’s more like extreme and utter hatred for my program that demotivates me from doing pretty much anything productive. More on that another time.

Instead, I’d love to share with you some of the yummy meals we have had since returning to Lille from Franche-Comté. Winter is rapidly approaching with many places in France already experiencing their first snowfall of the year (luckily, Lille has remained snow free), so it’s the perfect time for some heart cheese meals.

For the November 11th holiday, we enjoyed a very delicious fondue. It was a mix of 3 cheeses: Vieux Comté, Comté fruité, and emmental. Needless to say, it was very yummy and very very filling.



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say fromage!

Over the long holiday weekend, we drove down to J’s parents’ place in Franche-Comté. Because of the long drive (the train is too expensive for the three of us), we only had two full days there, but they were jam-packed!

Like many regions of France, Franche-Comté is home to many delicious cheeses including Comté. One of my favorite things about France is all the wonderful cheese, so of course, I’m always thrilled for these trips. Okay, it’s also really nice to see J’s family and friends, but we also always come back home with pounds of yummy cheese.

As the weather is turning cold, it’s the perfect time for fondu and Mont d’Or chaud (like a fondu but with just this one specific cheese and baked with wine in the oven), so we returned well stocked. We now have a fridge filled with different types of Comté (the older, the better in my opinion), Mont d’Or, cancoillotte, etc. I’m excited! Seriously, the slabs of Comté we have in the fridge are bigger than Elliot.


Some of the cheese we brought back.

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