So far, my vacation has been pretty uneventful. I’ve just been watching some American series, reading, and hanging out with my dog Elliot.

Speaking of Elliot, I think I should probably introduce the little guy as I’m sure he will feature quite a bit in this blog.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love dogs. Adore them even. When I see one, I tend to go “Aww! Puppy!” as all dogs will always be puppies at heart. After my boyfriend and I spent two weeks in the US, which also meant spending a lot of time with my mom’s two adorable sweet girls, he surprised me by saying that we should adopt a dog.

We decided to take a look at the LPA shelter in Lille. The experience was sort of depressing as there are just so many dogs looking for a good home. We took out a few and pet others in their cages before meeting Elliot. One of the volunteers told us he was housebroken, didn’t chew up things, and was calm and quiet. Living in an apartment, that’s the kind of dog we needed. After walking and hanging out with him for awhile, we knew we wouldn’t be going home without him.


My favorite photo of the little guy

He’s a little over a year and a half, but everyone thinks he’s a puppy. He looks like a puppy just with gigantic paws and ears. He’s small, but not a yappy dog at all, which is good.

It’s been just over two months now, and we adore him. He is calm… until he gets crazy with his tennis ball (his best friend). He goes absolutely psychotic if he can’t find it and will search everywhere for the thing. He also loves chasing after it and tossing it around on his own. He does have a little bit of separation anxiety, but we’re working on it. He gets a peanut butter filled Kong whenever we leave, and it seems to do the trick, but it makes us just want to stay with him all the time or take him with us. He’s just so cute.

Tired out

Tired out


4 thoughts on “elliot

  1. He has such a serious puppy face in that photo, very cute! I’m sure Elliot is going to make a wonderful addition to your family 🙂


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