la rentrée et puis… vacation?

Last Friday, we had our pré-rentrée meeting where we learned about what would be happening this year, signed up for classes, etc. The meeting was pretty boring in general and possibly more informative for the newbies. Yes, there were quite a few new faces. Of course, I can’t help but wonder “What were they thinking?!”.

We learned about the schedule for the entire year… 16 weeks of classes total, lots of vacations, no set exam period, 4 to 6 month internship (which we may or may not be able to start April 1st), “soutenance” in November, etc.

We got part of schedule which is pretty incomplete (but still, better than I expected). Many of our classes didn’t start the first week and some don’t even start until January! Unfortunately, there are some 8am classes (hello, 6:30am train), days with like only one hour of class (for now), and even some Saturday classes (one in November, another starts in January). This is not going to be pleasant. At all.

So this week, we officially started back. Monday was a long day (especially with a 5am wake up) with back-to-back classes and only an hour break all day. The first class is primarily taught in English. It’s “Marchés anglophones”, and the teacher is an expert on religion in the US. Uhh… WTF? Also, he talked so so slowly in both languages that I just wanted to slam my head into the desk. On top of that, we have to give a big presentation in English. Okay, no biggie, this is one of the classes that will totally help out my overall average. Except, not. We have to give it in groups, and we will also be graded on our level of English. So yeah, basically, my grade will go down because of the others in my group. And before I knew that, he also flat out told me that in no way will he ever give me more than 17/20 on either the presentation or the exam. I HATE that mentality so much.

Then, on Tuesday, I just had one hour long class, Theme (French to English translation) where the teacher basically suddenly started a rant on how pointless the class was for us. We agree with her, of course, but hearing the teacher say it really makes you think “Why should I be here then?”.

And here’s the real kicker. Only had one hour long class today as well, except the teacher was absent. And none of the classes I have on Thursday or Friday started this week. So I am done for the week. But that’s not all! We now have two weeks of vacation for the Toussaint holiday!

Yes, two days back at school and now I’m on holiday until November. Besides writing my paper and preparing my soutenance, I have had nothing to really do since July! I’m tired of vacation and need something to do.


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