nouveau home

Some of you may know my old blog “A little bit chaunoise”, or more recently titled “A little bit valenciennoise”. I’ve decided to get back into the blogging world with a brand new start. I’m still setting up shop here (and getting used to wordpress), but I’ll hopefully be working on it in the next few weeks (perfect new project with school starting back up, right?).

For those who don’t know me yet, I’m an American who moved to France for 7 months as a language assistant back in 2007, and then sort of never left. From the small town Chauny (Picardie), to the bigger city of Valenciennes, and finally to Lille, my French adventures just keep continuing. Will “just one more year” ever be enough? I’m starting to doubt that.

A short little post to start with as it’s after 11pm. Yes, I’m good with priorities here.


2 thoughts on “nouveau home

    • I’m getting used to it. I just decided to try something new. And my boyfriend and a friend of his know a lot about it should I ever want to really customize this thing.


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